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Building Boulder’s Arts and Culture Community

The Challenge

Trying to find local arts and culture events requires looking at the local paper, the university website, the bulletin board at out local grocery store and Facebook groups. Only the most dedicated succeed and, unless you are wealthy enough to be a patron, there is no way for non creatives to give back to their community. Artists cannot afford to live in Boulder so are leaving. The city pays for local art and culture events but has no way to accurately track how, when or even if people are engaging with it.

The Solution

An app that will allow the user to set a few preferences and then get a customized feed of upcoming events. The more they rate and post about those events the more customized their feed will be. The artists will be able to see who is interacting with their art, what their saying and where they are saying it which should make marketing much easier. The city will be able to use the data from the app to determine who, where, when and for how long the art is being engaged with.

Boulder Cost of Living Index

Per Capita Income in Boulder (Low End)

Annual Artist Income in Boulder

Annual Income for Female Artists in Boulder

Action so Far

Talk to Artists

Interviewed artist so we understand their actual needs not what we think their needs are.

Research the User Base

We’re finding and talking to actual people who try to find arts and culture events in Boulder so we understand their pain points.

Pitch and Pitch Again

We’ve pitched at Boulder Startup Week and for grants from the Boulder County Arts Association. The more we pitch the more feedback we get on our presentation which allows us to streamline our message.

Create Our Own Events

We’ve started hosting events to help make us more of a part of the community. We started with a block party where we had local arts collectives, studios and a philosophers guild. Bingo was played and fun was had.

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