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Triffany Hammond Branding


Project Description

Rebrand Triffany Hammond, a life coach who was looking to focus on executive women.

Project Details

Client Triffany Hammond
Date April 2015
Skills Branding

Project Feature

Triffany’s work helps people focus on possibilities and how to achieve those rather than dwelling on the negative. She wanted her new brand to attract executive women as she specifically identified with helping that demographic. We discussed the process she takes with her clients and the outcomes she focuses on before beginning.

Live Project

Project Feature

In Chinese mythology, the koi swims upstream in the Yellow River and ends it’s journey by transforming into a dragon representing the struggle to overcome obstacles. Because there is nothing black or white in coaching, I added many layers of transparency to the koi. Triffany’s clients must feel safe to be able to work with her. She was looking for them to feel as if they were gently embraced. To represent this we put the fish in a circle.

Live Project

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